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a) Characteristics of young people( appearance, fashion, character traits, interests)

We can divide young people in two groups. Young people from 13 till 19 are called teenagers and the second ground represents young adults from 20 till 30. There are differences between these groups of young people, but they have something in common, like the same opinions, will to have fun and ambitions to change their life. Young people are usually well-educated, experienced and self-confident. They have access to all the modern inventions, such as computer or mobile phone.  Generally speaking, young people are healthy, optimistic, happy, free and strong because they don´t take life too seriously. Their lifestyle depends on their parents, but mostly on their friends. Friendship and love usually become the most important values. Young people join together and create groups based on their similar interests and hobbies. They do different activities together such as going to the cinema or to disco or just hanging around. Some of them like watching TV, listening to music, playing computer games, playing musical instrument, doing sports or reading books.

Image is for young people really important. It can express their opinions and attitudes to society.Young people like to experiment with their image. Their image can be influenced by music they listen to.They like being fit and attractive. Girls want to be slim and boys want to look fit and have strong muscles and that’s why boys often go to the fitness centre and girls are often on diets because they want to lose weight.

Some of them follow the fashion trends because they want to be „in“, the others wear strange clothes, such as torn jeans. Many young peopleprefer brand name clothing. Strange hairstyles are also typical for young people. They dye their hair and use a lot of cosmetics like for example make-up. Tattoos and piercing are very popular with young people.

Young people between 20 and 30 are a bit different because they have to solve different problems. They have to find a job and a place to live what can be very difficult. 

b) The position of young people in society (rights and duties, possibilities of study, work, young families)

Young people have responsibilitiesas well as rights. They don’t have as many duties as their parents because they don’t have to look after family, earn money and pay bills. Their main role in household is usually to tidy up and help their mother or father in the household.

They usually clean their children’s room, take rubbish out, dust, wash dishes and go to the shop. Sometimes they have to take care of their pet. Going to school also belongs to the duties of young people. Education is compulsory from 6 till 16, then they can choose what they want to do in the future. They can continue in their studies or they can find a job. Nowadays, many young people are aware that education is really important for their future life. There are a lot of possibilities where they can study because we have a huge amount of different universities.

Job opportunities are better than in the past, especially in big cities. There are many possibilities for teenagers to take a part-time job and earn some money.

Many young people start their own families later than their parents did. Many of them work on their career first and get married later.They often travel to foreign countries to learn a foreign language, earn money and gain experience. However, there are still many teenage pregnancies. Young families are different nowadays. Married couples share chores together and husbands help more at home. 

c) Relationships among peers and generational relationships (conflicts – reasons, their expression, consequences)

Differences between young and old generation are bigwhat can cause problems between them.  For that reason most teenagers would like to start their own independent lives but are still financially dependent on their parents. Adults consider teenagers as lazy, rude, irresponsible, easy-going, not sensitive enough and according to them the youth doesn’t appreciate things. Parents usually don’t like loud music or fashion style of their child. The next problem is free time of young people. Parents would be happier if their children spent more time at home and studied more. Young people often criticise their parent´s conservative lifestyle and think that they care too much. Both groups should try to be more tolerant to each other. The older shouldn´t forget what they were like when they were young. The young should remember that the older only want to share experience with them. 

d) Unhealthy lifestyles of young people (aggression, gambling, substance abuse)

Teenagers face many challenges on their way to maturity. The majority of young people is curious and wants to try everything. Smoking is one of the most serious problems of young people. Teenagers often smoke because of the peer pressure. Every teenager wants to fit in and wants to be cool and grown-up. The same comes with taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

Alcohol and drugs have already ruined many young lives.Violence is another widespread issue in the life of teenagers. School violence is called bullying. People can be bullied for many various reasons, but it often happens because the mistreated person differs in any way from the rest. 

e) Young people’s vision of the future (expectations, dreams, fears)

Young people are full of ideals. They have a lot of dreams and wishes.  Everybody wants to be successful in his job and wants to make own career what means to earn a lot of money to provide for his family.  Some of them want to work abroad and travel a lot to get to know new people and countries. Later they want to start own family with children. They are convinced that they will grow up their children in the right way. They would like to live in a better society without crime, corruption and terrorism.

Slovník Teenageri a ich svet

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