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a) Moral

We can´t exist without other people but for the mutual cohabitation we have to accept defined rules and principles. These rules and principles make it possible to get well with other people. It´s better for the whole society when people are on good terms. In this way we are able to prevent wars and conflicts. We have been learning moral rules since we were born because what we learn in our younger days becomes a permanent part of us. We get the first information about moral from our parents. Parents have to behave correctly because only if they take good manners seriously, they can expect the same from their children. Each generation behaves differently. We can see a lot of differences in behaviour between younger and older people. Each of these generations has grown up in different years and with other rules and therefore each of them has different views on many things. The study of moral is called ethics. Ethics that are rules what humans should do, how they should behave, what values they should prefer. Children and students learn ethics at school and teachers should given also an good example to their students.  

b) Etiquette

The study that defines the formal rules of correct or polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession is etiquette. It consists of many rules for each individual occasion. There are also special rules in case of greetings. Younger people should greet older, man should greet woman and children should greet adults. When we meet someone for the first time, we usually shake hands. Friends kiss on both cheeks when they meet or say goodbye. It´s polite to set free the seat for older people or pregnant woman. On the other hand, it´s impolite to interrupt someone´s speech. We shouldn´t forget to use words „please“ and „thank you“. We should apologize for our mistakes we have done.

There are also some defined rules for visits. You should definitely make a phone call or plan in advance. There is nothing worse than someone just coming over unannounced because we lead busy lives. This should also apply to family and friends. It is advisable not to stay extremely late, especially during the week. We shouldn´t show up empty handed. We could bring for example some flowers and crackers or pastry. The host usually prepares something for his guests like sandwiches or cake. He also serves something to drink like coffee, tea, wine or alcohol. Visitors and hosts usually talk aboutthings what are interesting or important for them like their jobs and families.It is a well known fact, that the „weather“ is general topic for conversation. Official parties such as different anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, family celebrations and business parties are mostly organized at restaurants where staff prepares everything. These parties are usually made on Saturdays and are more comfortable, but also more expensive. 

c) Moral and laws

Everyone who lives in a society has to keep the rules of the society and obey the law. If someone breaks the law, he will be officially punished. People commit different crimes such as killing, stealing, shop- lifting, pick – pocketing and different robberies.  There’s also home crime, bullying, rapes, black mailing or kidnapping. There are different punishments for different crimes. You can be fined for possessing of illegal drugs. The most common are fines for driving offences like drunk driving or speeding. Criminals can be sent to the prison for a small crime. There is also capital punishment for murder allowed only in some countries. People younger than 18 have to be reeducated for their crime. Criminal should do social welfare work or community service. 

d) How can we help people in need

People in need become social benefits, unemployment and invalid pensions and also children´s allowances from state, but everybody can help these people. The helping people deserve our respect and admiration because they don´t except any reward for it. Apart from individuals there are world wide organizations which help people in need. Red Cross tries to help people with health problems. Amnesty International helps prisoners imprisoned for their religion, colour or political views. UNESCO fights for better life of children all over the world. They provide food, clothes, toys and all necessary things for people who need them. 

e) The influence of society on family

Every society should support families because they are the basic unit of all societies. Growing up in a family is very important for every human being because we learn here all the skills we need for further life. The Slovak republic supports families financially. There are single and repeated public welfare benefits to parents for expenses related to raising their children.

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