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a) Professions

Most of people go to work to earn money, but for some of them it can be their hobby. Jobs can be divided into physical and mental jobs. There is a difference in education and in salary between them.

People who have a physical job need physical power and stamina. These people have usually reached a low level of education. Typical physical jobs are for example farmer, butcher, miner or builder.

To have a mental job, you need higher education, but these jobs are better paid. If we want to give an example, we should mention doctor, lawyer, teacher or politician.

There are also typical jobs for men and for women. Men usually work as truck drivers, car mechanics or soldiers. Typical jobs for women are teacher or nurse.

Some professions require a special talent and determination. People like artists, photographers, designers and journalists cannot succeed if they are not talented.

Choosing one’s career is an important step in everybody’s life. Boys dream about professions such as pilots, astronauts, firemen or policemen. Girls on the other hand dream of becoming actresses, models, singers, teachers and so on. Nevertheless, as they get older and mature their criteria for choosing their profession become more and more realistic, because they have to coordinate their own interests, hopes and desires. 

There are 4 main factors that influence the choice of job. The most important are skills and education. School results are connected with education. Parents and relatives can also influence the choice of job. Nowadays is very important money because everybody wants to have a well-paid job.  

b) Labor market

When you are looking for a job, you can get information about jobs from advertisement, internet, job centre, radio, TV, leaflets or from other people.

When you find a job advertisement, you have to contact your future employer either by post, telephone, or e-mail. Then you have to apply for the job. It means  you write a CV (a curriculum vitae), where you state all the necessary information – your personal data and details about your education, qualifications, work experience and special skills (for example computer and language skills, driving licence). Afterwards you send your CV together with a cover letter to your potential employer. After that you should prepare yourself for the job-interview. If you fulfil the expectation of the employer, you will be invited for an interview. You should be dressed properly, be self-confident and communicative. It is recommended to have prepared some questions for interviewer about the company. If you are successful, the company, firm or organisation may offer you a position that you have applied for. After signing of an employment contract, which clearly gives the job description, duties and responsibilities, working time and salary, you become an employee of your new employer.

Unemployment in Slovakia is a serious social problem. Rate of unemployment in Slovakia is quite high,but the highest rate is in the east of Slovakia.  It has negative effects on life style and living standard of every person. 

c) Working hours and free time

When you have a full-time job, you usually work 8 hours a day. There are also part-time jobs where the people work 3 hours a day or only at the weekend. Part-time jobs are typical for students, retired people, mothers with small children or disabled. You have to start working at the exact time and finish at the exact time in the case of fixed working hours. There are also flexible working hours where you can decide when you start your work or when you finish your work. Some people have to work in shifts, for example nurses and doctors or taxi drivers. Sometimes we can work overtime. It is especially when we want to earn more money.

Nowadays work isn’t as hard as it was in the past because we have invented new technologies, computers and robots which carry out our work instead of us. Work can be more precise because of computers and new programs.

d) Employment opportunities in our country and abroad

Many people leave their homeland to start working abroad. The most frequent reason why people want to work abroad is that they can earn much more money there than at home. The girls usually travel abroad to take care of children as au pairs or to look after old people.

There are different ways of being paid for some work. You can get salary, which is paid monthly. Some people get wages. They are paid in cash every week. Fees are usually paid per hour for consults, for example at the doctor. Actors, singers and writers get royalty. 

e) Employment of women

In the time of pregnancy and even after giving a birth to babies mothers needn’t to be afraid of getting fired from their occupation because of the laws which protect them. These laws also modify the height of their monthly financial support during maternity leave. The time when people are old enough and after large number of worked-off years is called retirement. Old people – pensioners receive pension each month.

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