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a) Sports

Sport means physical activity, which people do because they want to be fit and healthy. It´s one of the most popular leisure time activities all over the world.

We can divide sport into two groups according to the place where the sport can be practised.

Indoor sports include for example gymnastic, table tennis, boxing or wrestling. Typical outdoor sports are football, horse riding and rock climbing. Most sports can be done both indoors and outdoors.

In winter, sportsmen practise winter sports, such as skating, skiing or snowboarding. Some sports can be practised mostly in summer, for example cycling, diving, sailing or athletics.

We know individual sports like tennis, golf or horse riding. On the other hand, there are also team sports, such as basketball, volleyball or hockey.

We can do sport as an amateur or a professional. Amateurs take part in a sport for their own enjoyment and relaxation. It is quite difficult to become a top sportsman. If the professional sportsman is good, he can earn a lot of money.

Extreme sports are very popular mainly among young people. Extreme sports include bungee jumping, rafting or sky diving.

Many sports have their origin in Great Britain. The most specific is cricket, often called the „English national sport“. In addition, football, golf and tennis are very popular there. Rugby is very popular in Scotland and quite popular are rowing and horse riding too. In the USA, there are especially baseball and basketball very popular. In our country has its tradition mostly football. We can find football stadium in almost every town or village. Another favourite sport in our country is ice hockey.  

b) My attitude to sports

I like sport. It has always played an important part of my life. When I was child, I was interested in football. I had to finish because of my knee. Later I started to play volleyball and basketball, but I do sports only for fun. I prefer cycling and swimming in summer. In winter, we regularly go skiing in the mountains.

At school, we have our Physical Education lessons (three or two lessons a week). When the weather is good, we go out to the stadium, where we usually practice athletics. During the winter we usually go to a gym, where we practise gymnastic or we play basketball or volleyball.

I love watching sports on TV. My attention is drawn to hockey. Marián Gáborík is my favourite hockey player. In my opinion, every Slovak watches hockey because our team is quite good at hockey and we all should support it.  

c) Meaning of sport for the development of personality

Doing sport is relaxation for many people. Sport makes them feel happy. It can help to take off some weight.From my point of view, sport has a great importance for the development of personality. Nearly everybody can find sport activity for him. Sport keeps us healthy not only physically, but mentally, too. We can do sport with our friends or get to know many new people and spend some pleasant moments with them. Sport teaches us how to be disciplined, hard – working, more responsible and fair. For some people it´s not only the body movement or playing strategy, but it´s a life philosophy for them.  

d) Sport events

There are also very important world’s sport events. The most famous are The Olympic Games (the Olympics), which are held every four years in a different country. They have their summer and winter part therefore, we know the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. The first Olympic Games took place in Olympia in Greece in the year 776 BC.  They were so important to Greeks, that even the wars were stopped during the competitions.  The ancient Olympic Games have been revived by Pierre de Coubertin. He believed that the Games would help to increase international friendship and understanding. Symbol of the Games is The Olympic Flag. There are five connected circles, each symbolises one continent (blue - Europe, black - Africa, red - America, yellow - Asia, green - Australia). Another symbol of the Olympic Games is the Olympic Fire.  It is traditionally lighted in Greek Olympia and moved to the city in which the Games are taking place. This fire burns during the whole OG.

Other important events are Football World Cup, the Wimbledon tennis championship, the Formula One Championship and Hockey World Championship.  

e) Doping and fame

There are also some negative effects related to sport. First of all I would like to mention doping. It’s the usage of forbidden stuffs, which can stimulate your body to reach higher performance. Anabolic steroids are used to build up muscles, they resemble male hormones. Bodybuilders use anabolic steroids to look good in competitions. These drugs can cause health problems: liver cancer for men and infertility for women. They can become very aggressive. Doping affair can harm sportsman’s good reputation and it can make his further career impossible for a few months or even for years.

Sport fame may be a good thing but some persons cannot get on with their popularity very well. They earn much money and then sometimes do not know what to do with it. It is sometimes very similar as with actors or other famous people. However, of course this is not case of everyone. There are also rich people who got their money from sport career and then dedicated it to humanitarian aid. 

Slovník Šport

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